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L B Water Service South 169 Ebony Rd Cambria 471-1980
LBH Transport Inc 3912 Admiral Peary Hwy Cambria 471-6755
Lakeview Lanes Route 22 E Ebensburg 472-7441
Lakeview Motel 1001 Rowena Dr Ebensburg 472-9400
Land & Mapping Services 117 S Center St Ebensburg 472-5596
Landscape Design & Construction Ebensburg 472-4531
Laurel Bank 111 W High Ebensburg 472-8400
Laurel Crest Rehabilitation & Special Care Laurel Crest Manor Nursing Home Ebensburg
24-Hour Nursing Care
Speciality Clinics On Site
Dialysis And Ventilator Care
Extensive Rehab Services
Short And Long-Term Care
Located At 429 Manor Dr. Ebensburg
Laurel Glass And Auto 202 E Sample St Ebensburg 472-8656
Laurel Insurance Management 3133 New Germany Rd Cambria 472-2206
Laurel Lounge W High St Ebensburg 472-7289
Laurel Medical Supplies Inc Wal-Mart Plaza Ebensburg 472-5591
Lee's Hardware 219 West High St Ebensburg 472-5570
Liberty Bail Bonds Inc 472-0717
Lightner Jim Photo 201 Skyline Dr Ebensburg 472-5351
Link Pete Plumbing & Heating 287 Manor Dr Ebensburg 472-8031
Link Tom Plumbing & Heating 347 Tanner St Ebensburg 472-9141
Lloyd Cemetery Assoc Ebensburg 472-4225
Long Barn The Inc 223 Mini Mall Rd Ebensburg
Anderson Windows Patio Doors & Roof
Residential & Commercial
-New Construction-Replacement-Remodeling
Long Heath M 603 N Julian St Ebensburg 472-7721
Long Louis Lumber Company Inc 1984 New Germany Rd Ebensburg 472-9219
Long Mulhearn & Criste 500 E High St Ebensburg
Eugene C. Long C.P.A.
Willian J. Mulhearn C.P.A.
Thomas P. Criste C.P.A.
Long's Hardwoods Inc RD 3 Ebensburg 472-4740
Look Before You Leap 712 Rowena Dr Ebensburg 472-4663
Loom Number 681 104 W High St Ebensburg 472-5464
Loretto Community Center St Marys St Loretto 472-8995
Loretto Community Volunteer Fire & Ambulance St Mary's St Loretto 472-9160
Loretto Pub & Grill 196 St Mary Loretto 471-0222
Loretto Service Center-Chick's Loretto 472-9368
Lyons Cable Repair Service Route 22 W Ebensburg 472-9770

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